About Us
Who We Are
Dongyu is an online learning platform that focuses on Chinese language instruction. We teach online classes over the internet to people around the world who are learning Chinese.
In addition to our Beijing headquarters located right in the heart of Beijing, we also have branch schools in Xi’an, Wuhan and Changsha. Our education, teaching and research team was established in 2006, and its 14 years of experience teaching and developing resources to teach Chinese as a foreign language is largely unmatched in the field. Dongyu’s team and network is made of up of more than 500 teachers, and has provided first-class Chinese language teaching services to thousands of students in different countries and regions throughout the world.
Our Method
Dongyu teachers are strictly selected from top universities in China, and go through a strict recruitment and evaluation process from which only the top 2% are selected. By adopting a "dual-teacher" model, students are able to take advantage of learning from a skilled lecturer while also being supervised and counseled throughout the whole process by attentive tutors. Tutors lead students through a pre-class preview, classroom interaction, after-class counseling, practice and correction, etc. for every class. As such, each student enjoys both high-level teaching and personalized mentorship.